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Zen Lifestyles Reviber Plus Exercise Machine


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NOTE: 7mm Resistance Bands
A pair of 5mm-wide resistance bands are included with the Reviber Plus for free. The 7mm optional extra pair are thicker and are the equivalent of a slightly heavier dumbbell and are suitable for both women and men. It is important to have the right pair of resistance bands as using them will burn more calories, strengthen the muscles, and provide a cardio workout when used repeatedly.

After testing the Reviber Plus for its ability to tone muscle, The Independent on Sunday gave the Reviber Plus 5 out of 5, saying that it not only delivers 'impressive results', but that it is also 'easy to use and is excellent value for money'.

Scientists created vibration exercise to prevent astronauts losing muscle and bone mass in space. Recent university studies have shown that this type of body-conditioning improves muscle strength, increases metabolism, and reduces body fat. It has also been proven to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, improve balance & posture, and increase bone density.

This easy, time-saving exercise requires just ten minutes every-other-day.


Customer Testimonies:
1) “I’ve dropped a dress size, the results have been that dramatic that six of my friends have bought one”. Denise Christie, Health & Harmony.
2) "Initially we just purchased one unit to use in our sunbed shop but our customers enjoy it so much they come in just to use the Reviber Plus! We've just bought another 5 units to put one in each of our tanning rooms and we're also taking direct customer orders as well." Steven Goddard, Beautonics

How is this achieved?
This is achieved with a centrally pivoted platform like a see-saw, which means one foot goes up while the other is going down, just like walking or running. This exercising action works right up to the highest abdominal muscles, and while you are having your legs, buttocks, and core muscles exercised by the movement of the platform, you can use the resistance bands to exercise your chest and arms. The Reviber Plus tones, strengthens, and shapes the body from tip to toe... legs, buttocks, core muscles, chest, arms... everything.

Reviber Plus Studies:
1) On 25th May 2009 the Irish Mail reported on a study which suggests that, used correctly, vibration plates will not only help you lose weight, but will trim the harmful fat that settles around the internal organs and raises the risk of heart disease.
2) A study on men found that "...the biological mechanism produced by vibration is similar to the effect produced by explosive power training (jumping and bouncing)."
3) From studies on women the researchers concluded that standing on a vibrating surface is as beneficial as going to the gym for improving leg strength and speed of movement!

An enjoyable and fun workout!
Exercising your legs, buttocks & core muscles Simply standing on the Reviber exercises the legs, buttocks, and all of the core muscles. The machine does all the work for you, right up to the highest abdominal muscles. With the Reviber's resistance bands, you can also exercise your arms and chest to strengthen & tone your whole body.

Focus on Legs
The more you bend you knees, the more the effects concentrate in the legs and buttocks. The resistance bands are being used for arm curls to exercise the arms and all the supporting muscles in the torso.

Band Raises
Another way to exercise the upper body, particularly the shoulders and the lateral muscles in the upper back. The bank raises can be used for front or lateral raises.

Trunk Twist
Holding both bands to the chest and twisting the hips will exercise the back muscles and intensify the abdominal workout. Chest Exerciser - One arm at a time, pull a resistance band across the chest toward the bicep of the relaxed arm. This is a great exercise for firming the pectoral muscles.

Leg Massage
This is a great way to warm-up before exercising or to cool-down afterwards, and can be used at any time when you want a relaxing massage.

With the proven platform technology and the addition of the resistance bands, the Reviber Plus becomes the perfect indoor exerciser


  • Oscillating platform (see-saw) action. Enables toning and strengthening of muscles throughout the body
  • Reduce body fat
  • Supreme core muscle strengthening
  • Increase circulation & metabolism
  • Increase bone density
  • Improve balance & posture
  • 15 speeds and bespoke auto-programme
  • 200kgs weight capacity
New Pendant Remote Control allows the remote to hang from the neck, leaving the hands free to use the resistance bands.
Large surface area allows for a greater variety of exercises
15 speeds adjustable timer, & remote control
See-saw action for whole-body exercise
Adjustable auto-programme
Amplitude 0 - 12mm
Frequency 0 - 30hz (upto 1800 vibrations per minute - 900 on each side)
Guarantee 5 years on motor - 2 years on parts
Weight Capacity 200kgs/31.5 stone
Dimensions are Boxed 66 x 56 x 30 (h),Unboxed 61.5 x 51.5 x 21cm(h)
Platform 49.5cm across with a depth of 31cm.
Weight Boxed 22kgs, Unboxed 20kgs
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"My wife and I have ours in our sitting room. It's discreet and easy to use as the mood takes." Jason Henderson - Director: Elixir Health Foods

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