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Swiss Health Herbal VY for Men 60 Capsules


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Swiss Health Herbal VY for Men 60 Capsules


Herbal V Y is a herbal food supplement containing standardised extract of Lepedium meyenii, known for its beneficial effects on energy, fertility and sexual activity.

Few so called aphrodisiacs, be they plant, food or drink, can stand up to the scrutiny of modern science, but the unique extract Maca, has proved an exception.

Grown in the high-altitudes of the Andes, Peruvian folklore, dating back since the 16th century, has it, that Maca has been used to provide relief to both men and women suffering from a low sex drive, loss of libido and an overall lack of energy.

From the Incas through to latter day Peruvians, Maca has increasingly gained popularity and scientific interest. The substantial powerhouse herb, being an adaptogen and therefore working in harmony with the body, has many nutritional qualities.

A scientific study demonstrated that the standardized Maca extract promotes libido, sexual potency and energy. In April 2000, an issue of Urology, a prestigious medical journal, published these results, substantiating the legendary reports coming from Peru.

The study carried out by Dr. Zheng et al., revealed that the sexual activity of the test subjects nearly quadrupled after taking the herb for 21 days!

In another study conducted by a leading scientist, Gustavo Gonzales of Peru's Cayetano Heredia University, found that a three-month trial involving 12 volunteer men pointed to a 180-200 % lift in libido. Importantly no contra-indications had been observed in either the trials or other research.

Since then, the use of Maca in Japan, Europe and the USA to help those who suffer from loss of libido and low sex drive, has risen dramatically and is now seen as a safe, natural and wonderful alternative, for men and women.

In the new improved formulation, HV430-1, SwissHealth have built on the success of the previous HV430 combination by using not only Maca, but adding Avena Sativa to provide a potent alternative specifically for men to enjoy better and improved libido and satisfaction.

Avena Sativa - an extract from wild oats straw- is a recent entry to the field of aphrodisiacs. Current research strongly indicates that Avena Sativa works by freeing bound compounds within the body that are responsible for stimulating sexual activity in men, thereby increasing prowess.

As a result of the continued interest in men's sexual difficulties and the search for safer and more readily available remedies to counteract them, Herbal vY for Men has rapidly become firmly established as the premier alternative product in the nutraceutical world.

With medical interest in alternative therapies growing and the desire for patient and practitioner alike to adopt a holistic approach to the treatment of sexual problems, the natural stimulation offered by the special HV430-1 formula in Herbal vY should allow many more men to take control of, and improve upon, their sex lives in the years to come.

Both ingredients have proven themselves in medical research, and the HV430-1 formulation contains each at a unique strength exclusive to SwissHealth, thus providing a safe and natural supplement.

HV430-1 (a standardised extract of Lepedium Meyenii), Avena Sativa, Cellulose capsule.

Other Information
The formulation HvY430-1, contains a standardised extract of Lepedium meyenii (Maca), a plant cultivated high in the Andean Mountains. Even before the time of the Incas, native Peruvians have taken advantage of the plants many nutritional benefits: its energising effects, fertility and ability to enhance sexual activity.

In addition to the Hv430-1 extract, Herbal vY includes Avena sativa, which is known to have benefits for vigour.

Recommended Dosage
Dosage: 2 capsules daily to be taken with water.

In order to obtain the maximum benefit, it is essential to complete the entire course as recommended.

keep out of the reach of children.

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