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STOP SNORE RING: Large-Extra Large
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Available in 2 sizes: Choose from above:

  • Large-Extra Large: 19.5mm and above
  • Medium-Large: 17mm - 19.5mm

* All sizes are fully adjustable.

The stop snore ring is manufactured from copper with an antique finish. Copper jewellery has been popular for thousands of years and is widely believed to have health benefits including relief from arthritis rheumatism and releasing toxins from the body.

The ring incorporates a specially designed magnetic 'block' positioned to apply acupressure to a specific point on the little finger. Magnets are widely used by acupressure therapists as it is believed that magnetism magnifies the benefits.

Acupressure and acupuncture recognise numerous meridian lines of energy which travel around the body and working on specified points on the body map with pressure increases positive effects on those parts of the body to which they are connected.

The stop snore ring when worn correctly applies pressure to the meridian line of the small intestine at the point reference s12 qian gu. This point has an affect on the throat and the increased energy generated by the ring has the effect of opening the areas involved with breathing and consequently snoring.

The ring is very effective at stopping or significantly reducing snoring and many wearers of the ring feel they breathe more easily and wake more refreshed as they are not disturbing their partner’s or their own sleep. So this is not a potential benefit for just your partner it may well improve your quality of sleep and wellbeing.

Will it work for you?
No product can guarantee that it will stop or reduce snoring but we can say that if you are not in one of the following groups the ring may well work for you:

  • Very Overweight
    • Trauma suffered to breathing area e.g. broken nose
      • Hereditary narrow breathing passages

        Although the effectiveness of the ring can be diminished for persons in the above categories quite often wearing 2 rings, one on each little finger, may still achieve the desired effects. A snoring solution that works naturally rather than artificially is more health advantageous.

        • (Full instructions are included): It is not advisable to wear the ring during waking hours as maximum benefit is desired whilst you are asleep
        • The ring should be placed on the little finger of the right hand for males and the left hand of females preferably 30 mins before you plan on retiring to bed
        • The block MUST be positioned on the outside (1) OR underneath (2) the little finger halfway between the knuckle and the middle joint of the little finger (NB For the majority of people the ring is most effective in position (1)
          • Gently squeeze and tighten the ring so that you are aware of a pressure on the finger
          • Do NOT over tighten the ring as it is unnecessary and will feel uncomfortable
          • Trial and error will determine the right pressure for you and the most effective position of the block ie on the outside (1) or underneath (2) the little finger
          • The beneficial effects of the ring may take several days to develop although many people report an immediate effect

            Below is just a small sample of the customer testimonials:

            "It's so nice to have peaceful nights"
            "I haven't snored since I started using it"
            "I'm convinced, it works for my hubby, fantastic and so simple"
            "Bought this for my partner, it has completely changed my life"
            "I cannot believe this ring has virtually stopped my snoring"
            "Great product, divorce is now on hold!"
            "It really works, even cures the digging in the ribs"
            "Works brilliantly has saved my relationship, thank you"
            "Fantastic item, really does work"

            • No Drugs
            • No Chemicals
            • No Embarrassing Awkward Gadgets
            • No Repeat Purchases
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"It does me wonders. I usually wake up sneezing with a blocked nose. After wearing the Stop Snore Ring I can breathe normally and don't keep my hubby awake with my racket! I didn't expect it to work as well as it did." Harriet Wild, Wadebridge.

Hi Guys,
I don't snore anymore! I used to be able to suck a door shut - not anymore. I breathe through my nose - I have always been a mouth breather - not anymore. It's amazing - The Stop Snore Ring. Instant cure - from the 1st night - no snoring
Love Maggie, Wadebridge

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