Seagreens Everyday Iodine 500mg 60 Vegetable Capsules

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Rich in iodine

Seagreens® Everyday Iodine Capsules contain a single wild brown seaweed called Ascophyllum nodosum. It is the finest source of stable, chelated iodine in Nature, and because it is a whole food, it contains virtually all the other nutrients. Many of these, like selenium, are essential for the body to make proper use of the iodine. It is of special value to vegans and vegetarians.

Seagreens® are the product of sustainable, year-round harvesting among the beautiful islands of the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. We cut our wild seaweeds in crystal clear waters so they continue to grow. We harvest only nutritious, living plants - no drifting, beached or root seaweed, no sand or crustacea. For freshness we mill them on the spot! Pure seaweeds with nothing added and nothing taken away

Normally 2 x 500mg capsules; less for children, more in pregnancy, physical training or recuperation. Take under professional guidance in detoxing, chronic health conditions and during treatment. Best taken early every day with food.

For balanced nutritional input in the general population, recommended daily intake is 2 Food Capsules each morning or split morning and midday or evening with food, on a permanent basis, except where the subject has regular physical exertion, is pregnant or breastfeeding, recuperating from illness, or where health or immunity is exceptionally compromised, or where specific treatment is being given, when up to 4 Food Capsules or 2 grams (half teaspoon) Food Granules may be deemed appropriate for relatively short periods (eg. the duration of pregnancy).

For heavy metals and radiation detoxification up to 6 Food Capsules or 3 grams (three quarter teaspoon) Food Granules daily (e.g. Preferably split over 2 or 3 meals) for at least 8 weeks, and thereafter 2 Food Capsules or 1 gram (quarter teaspoon) Food Granules daily for up to 24 months. The dosage in pre-and post-operative dental amalgam extraction was agreed with Dr J. Levenson of the British Society for Mercury-Free Dentistry.

Where the diet is varied, contains other good quality vegetables, and the general health of the subject is good, 2 Food Capsules or 1 gram (quarter teaspoon) Food Granules daily is an adequate maintenance intake especially with the occasional use in food of Seagreens® CulinaryIngredient. In all cases, experience shows that although debility may be addressed within weeks, genuine change and improvement accrues from long term use, and usually becomes very apparent to the subject from between 6 and 12 months. Prolonged daily use rather than higher intake is the key to efficacy.

Fine milled organic single wild Arctic wrack (Ascophyllum nodosum), Vegetable Capsule (water, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose)

Further Information
This unique blend of three sustainably-harvested shallow water seaweeds (Ascophyllum nodosum, Pelvetia canaliculata, and Fucus spiralis) has been specifically combined to provide an exceptionally broad nutritional profile.

Seagreens® Food Capsules contain all the micronutrients which we need even in tiny amounts, to feed the foundation of health on a permanent daily basis.

Seagreens® Food Capsules can be taken by everybody, including during pregnancy. They are suitable for babies, children and elderly people and do not interfere with any other medicines or supplements taken.

1 gram (2 capsules) provides:
Protein 75mg • Carbohydrate / Fibre 600mg (of which the non-starch polysaccharides Algin, Fucose, Fucoidan, Mannitol, Methylpentosans, Laminarin, Mannuronic acid 270mg) and essential fatty acids (EFA's) and chlorophyll.

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Caution: If you have a medical condition, consult your health practitioner before taking any supplements. Always read the label first.

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