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Mooncup Menstrual Cup: Size A



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The Mooncup is a reusable menstrual cup around two inches long and made from soft silicone rubber. It is worn internally like a tampon but collects menstrual fluid rather than absorbing. Unlike tampons the Mooncup is not a disposable product, so you only need to buy one. The Mooncup will hold 30ml of fluid, which is roughly one third of the average total produced each period. A light seal is formed with your vaginal walls allowing your menstrual fluid to pass into the Mooncup without leakage or odour. You will probably find that you need to empty your Mooncup less frequently than you currently replace towels or tampons.

MODEL A: Size A measures 46mm in diameter and 50mm in length - See size info below.


One mooncup lasts for ten years
Costs less than you spend every 6 months on disposable products


Which model mooncup is most suitable for me?
The Mooncup is available in two models. Model A measures 46mm in diameter and 50mm in length. Model B measures 43 mm in diameter ad 50mm in length.

Both models have a pull stem 21mm long, which you can trim to the length that is right for you.

Model A is recommended for women who have given birth vaginally or who have had a caesarean section or not given birth and are aged 30 or above.

Model B is recommended for women who have not given birth or who have had a caesarean section and are aged below 30.

Please ensure that you select the correct model. For hygiene reasons we cannot exchange Mooncups once they have been dispatched.

It is believed that by using a Mooncup to replace tampons, women will protect their immune systems from chemically treated materials which contribute to toxic accumulation within the body as well as the excessive vaginal drying that tampons cause which can lead to internal chaffing and other complications.

A usage leaflet is supplied with each Mooncup. Correctly inserted, the Mooncup is so comfortable that you will forget it exists. It may take a little practice at first, as you need to find the angle and position that is right for you. Once you have perfected it you will be amazed at how simple your Mooncup is to use. You will need to empty, rinse and reinsert your Mooncup every four to eight hours depending on your flow. The fluid remains inside the cup and the process is not messy or uncomfortable.

The Mooncup can safely be used overnight and is great for all sports, swimming and travelling.

  • Reliable, comfortable & convenient
  • Invisible and secure
  • Not messy, easy to clean
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals
  • No need to carry spares
  • Holds more fluid than other products
  • Excellent for women with sensitive skin, thrush, eczema or allergy
  • Reusable, simply rinse and replace
  • No used towels or tampons to incinerate flush or add to landfill
  • No layers of packaging to discard each month
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