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Inspired Health Elixir Health Foods and Therapy Centre is a family owned business based in the wonderful North Cornish town of Wadebridge, in the United Kingdom. Our lovely little store has been a part of the main Wadebridge high street for the last 19 years.

We also have e-commerce web businesses, and which send natural and alternative supplements worldwide.

Our mission here at Elixir is to give everyone the tools they need to Heal, Nourish & Inspire their mind, body & soul.

We are a well-informed, friendly and enthusiastic team who provide exceptional customer service and advice. We can help you choose the right remedy or dietary solution for your lifestyle whether that is face to face in our lovely store, via the telephone or online.
We also have a team of qualified therapists that offer a range of holistic therapies which include; Bowen Therapy, Reflexology, Nutrition & Kinesiology, Nutrition and allergy testing, hypno therapy as well as Massage.

An essential part of our store is to give informative and inspiration health and well being events. We refer to them as "INSPIRE EVENTS".

Whether you are looking to simply improve your general health and well being or if you are looking to prepare for the next big sporting event. We will have an even for you through the coming year.

Please see below some of the content from our recent events and keep your eye out for the forthcoming events every month.

If you would like to find balance with your mind, body and soul, say hi either virtually or in person.

Be the Best Version of You

Be the Best Version of You If you are looking to become the best version of you, we have the perfect "workshop" event to kick start your year. Throughout January we will be holding a series of events to help you become the best version of you.

Best version of you - Getting in the right head space.... Mediation class held by our meditation and hypno therapist to get your mind in the right place, so you can maintain a healthy plan.

Best version of you - Getting the correct nutrition. Work with our nutritionist to get the right nutrition plan for you and your needs. Whether it is losing weight, improving sports performance or simply looking to live a happier healthier life. This is a great way to change your diet for good.

Best version of you - Exercise plan. Work with our team to discuss exercise plans appropriate to your ability. Once completed all 3 elements, you can build a nutrition and exercise plan that is moulded and suited for you. Once a month you will then be able to come and share how you have been performing against your own plan.We can then look to expand or improve your plan according to your advancement. We are with you every step of the way to becoming the best version of you.

Gut Health

Gut health Good health begins in the gut. The gut, and the microorganisms within, are responsible for extracting all the nutrients we need from our food. What's more, the gut houses 70% of our immune system. The event below helped our customers find out how the gut works, the conditions that can affect it, and how to help keep your gut healthy with the right diet and supplement support.

Gut health and microflora - Gut health and wellbeing: inextricably linked. Recent studies have suggested that there could be a link between intestinal microflora, most commonly referred to as 'friendly bacteria', and autoimmune disease. Research is continuing in this area and experts are continually making exciting discoveries about the complex role our gut microflora has on our health, from keeping our immune system strong and preventing travellers' diarrhoea, to reducing digestive problems and aiding our heart health.There's even emerging research that details the possible link between the diversity of bacteria in your gut and mental health, via a communication between the central nervous system and the microbiota - the so-called gut-brain axis.

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