Nutrition & Kinesiology - Julie Harrison Our nutritionist is able to advise on a range of allergies, food intolerances and other dietary conditions. After an initial consultation to discuss in detail your lifestyle and medical history, kinesiology is used to test muscles, identify underlying problems and to re-balance your energy system.

A dietary programme is then recommended to enable the client to recover health and well-being. It is advised to have a check-up session after a month when progress can be followed up. Eventually, it is hoped that any supplements and changes to your usual diet can be reduced to a maintenance dosage as part of recovering good health.

Kinesiology is a science which gives insight to the underlying causes of health problems. It works on muscle responses and on the body’s energy systems which controls all functions of the body; particularly the mental processes and the emotions. Kinesiology restores the connections and helps you go forwards.
Day Therapy Therapist Time Cost
Monday Nutrition & Kineseology Julie Harrison 1 hour £38.00
Tuesday Bowen Technique Nick Payton 1 hour £38.00
Wednesday Reflexology Jacky Cherry 1 hour £30.00
Thursday Holistic Massage Angeselle Haslam-Hopwood 1 hour / 1½ hours £50.00
Friday Sports/Remedial Massage Lyn Perry1 hour £38.00