Hypnotherapy has been acknowledged for centuries as a safe natural and effective way to treat unhelpful habits and thought patterns. Working with a therapist, you can delve into your inner world and induce a state of deep relaxation to unlock your motivation, confidence and natural ability to learn new skills and behaviours.

Anyone can be hypnotised if they want to be and while in the hypnotic state you will have complete control over your own behaviour. Like day-dreaming, you can enter and leave this state at will.

Everything you learn is stored in your subconscious and this can be accessed directly when you are in a relaxed state. As your therapist I will use various techniques to explore new ways of thinking and by stimulating your innate healing ability you can overcome fears and make lasting change.

Whatever your issue, it can be amazingly effective and unlike other therapies it does not usually rely on lengthy courses of treatment. Everyone responds differently but many people make lasting changes in just 1-3 sessions.

Hypnotherapy is a natural, non invasive therapy where it is possible to achieve lasting results in relatively few sessions.

There are not known to be any detrimental side effects.


  • All Consultations 1 hour in length: 50.00 (First Consultation (1 hours):
  • Stop Smoking: 70.00 per session. Three sessions recommended or 200 for three sessions booked in advance
    Day Therapy Therapist Time Cost
    Monday Nutrition & Kineseology Julie Harrison 1 hour 38.00
    Tuesday Bowen Technique Nick Payton 1 hour 38.00
    Wednesday Reflexology Jacky Cherry 1 hour 30.00
    Thursday Holistic Massage Angeselle Haslam-Hopwood 1 hour / 1 hours 50.00
    Friday Sports/Remedial Massage Lyn Perry1 hour 38.00