The Healthy Leaf

CANNABIS OIL (CBD) has proven a massive success. But some customers have questions:

“I’ve heard of it, but is it safe? Will I get high? Can I drive, or operate machinery? How does it work? How does it taste? Isn’t it just a hippy drug?”

So, here's some answers:

Nature can protect health
Throughout history humans have relied heavily on Nature to protect their health. Some plants were avoided while others found favour and were good. The cannabis leaf is one such positive story with a long history of usage, over 2,500 years, to be exact.

Those of us with shorter memories remember it only as a hippy drug. But not any longer. Cannabis oil has found a safe spot as a food supplement with many health benefits. I think, in fairness, many hippies knew that too. It is slightly tart and leafy to taste, as you would expect, but that’s its natural flavour. That raw, earthy taste is because it’s unadulterated. No artificial anything has been added.

But how does it work?
Clever as she is Nature guards that secret well and that’s why it never pays to meddle with her. However we know there are many important chemicals in the female cannabis plant called cannabinoids. These different chemicals, cannabidiol compounds (or CBD for short), hook on to special receptors in your cells which is part of our endocannabinoid system. Our endocannabinoid system is where Nature delivers as it is the ‘master controller’ in all our bodies, said to affect our nerve, immune, hormone and metabolism function. So when you read why cannabis oil is said to have ‘so many’ health uses, now you know. The endocannabinoid system has mega influence in how we act and feel.

What's cannabis oil used for?
Current legislation forbids listing the claims associated with cannabis oil but, as we’ve seen, it’s always hitting the headlines for the relief it brings. With technology today there are no stumbling blocks to undertake research and compare what you’ve got with what is said. Then, draw your own conclusions. But, as always, if you’re on any medication discuss it with your health practitioner.

A few hippies may pass on cannabis oil, unless they’re in pain, because the active chemical causing the “high” or “stoned” feeling - the THC - is taken out. The jargon is 'psychoactive' effect, which you don't get. So handling a car or any machine isn’t a problem. It won’t impair your judgement or mental faculties. Neither is ‘the leaf’ smoked (unless you vape the oil) as cannabis oil comes in spray, dropper, capsule or vape form.

Let Mother Nature do her stuff
Unless the drug companies get hold of it and make a synthetic form, which isn’t what Nature intended, it’s available to be sold and comes in many strengths. A rule of thumb is the higher the strength the fewer drops needed. But whatever the strength, read the instructions, and let Mother Nature work it out. It’s certainly worth a go. Try it and see.

* Note: * When you buy any cannabis oil, if the label does not clearly give the percentage of CBD in it and the milligram (mg) strength, be very careful. There are plenty of cannabis oil products on the market which lack this essential information, and are therefore of questionable quality and use. All the cannabis products we sell are pure and of pharmaceutical grade, so you can buy with confidence.